Clothing and kit

Correct clothing for training; T-Shirt, proper tracksuit trousers or fencing breeches. (Not jeans, shorts or other trousers). Well fitting trainers with good soles.

Bring a warm top and water in an identifiable sports bottle.  No disposable plastic bottles please!

Make sure all personal clothing and kit is named to avoid any confusion with club kit.

Regarding KIT - We expect fencers to look after any club kit they borrow and put it away correctly after use ie: foils into the foil bag; jackets into the correct bag; body wires neatly rolled up in a small plastic bag into the body wire bag; masks into the big bags. Finchley Foil provide all the special kit you need for learning to fence. We also have breeches and full kit for you to borrow for competitions to start with.

Parents – this is the fencer’s own responsibility but please remind them if necessary. Anything faulty should be given to Clare or Sharon for repair not put back in the bags. Any help tidying up after the session is much appreciated.

Thinking of buying your own kit? Leon Paul give FF members a 5% discount on orders over £100.00. Check with one of the coaches if you are not sure what type of foil to get as there are 3 blade sizes for different ages.


Mini-Fence® for 5-7 Year olds

Mini-Fence® is a new, exciting fitness programme designed for 5-7 year olds.

Based on the sport of fencing and especially adapted for young children, Mini-Fence® teaches focus, discipline and concentration and is great fun too. It is good exercise for boys and girls!

Mini-Fence® is safe - all protective kit will be provided, including plastic foils and masks (from specialist fencing supplier, Leon Paul).

If you are interested and would like to reserve a place please e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or sThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Individual Lessons

Extra individual lessons at extra cost are sometimes available  between 1.15 - 4.00pm. Ask Sharon for further details. Please note that if you book a lesson and if you are unable to attend please let Clare know or call Sharon on 07809 069646 in advance to ensure that you are given credit for the missed lesson.

Our volunteers

Clare Halsted club manager and coach at the club oversees the general running of the club, the coaches and fencing programme; Sharon Brosnan is our club secretary,  looking after all administration , collecting the fees and generally keeping the club running smoothly;

We are always looking for volunteer helpers so if you are a parent who can help with admin, packing up kit, or simply helping the younger members get kitted up please contact Clare or Sharon.

If you are an older fencer and would like to becomie a Junior Referee or an Assistant Coach  we are keen to help with your training.

British Fencing Membership

  We require all fencers to have at least the basic membership  to cover the fencer for insurance and 'fun' participation competitions.  If you wish to do more events then you will need to upgrade this membership to 'Compete' level. See British Fencing website for details.

Regional Affiliation: As a member of England Fencing every fencer is eligible to represent their Region in national competitions. In the past this has led to considerable confusion over who may fence for whom as the boundaries of the Regions have varied over time.   Now when you join England Fencing or renew your membership you will be asked to choose your Region. This will remain fixed until your next membership renewal when you may change it if you wish. For most Finchley Foil fencers their Region will be London but South East or Eastern might also be relevant. The choice matters if you wish to fence for your region at the BYCs or in the Cadet Winton Cup.  Choose the region that you are part of - normally through your club or your address.


Fencing is a combat sport and it is very important that fencers behave safely and correctly at all times. This includes shaking hands and saluting as well as treating each other, referees, coaches and visitors with consideration. These courtesies are enforced at competitions so it is best, as well as safest, to get used to them at the club.

Please make every effort to be on time for your session as late arrivals can be disruptive to the warm up games.

Use of mobile phones by the fencers is not allowed during sessions so phones must be put away securely.  We also ask parents and other visitors not to use their phones in the sports halls.

Thank you everyone