London Youth GamesĀ  2016

Haringay Junior team won Gold

Barnet Junior team finished 8th

Barnet Senior finished 9th

Barnet finished 5th overall in the fencing event

Again Finchley Foil provided a strong team for this years event and we were fortunate to have fencers from RLS fencingf club support us in this London wide borough competition. The Haringay junior team won Gold in the junior event with Isabella, Aessandro, Amanda Mond and Matthew Abraham. The Barnet junior team of Oliver Strange, Niko Peake and Brij Gautam included Darica Au and Rory-Wylie Carrick finished 8th. The senior team was made up of Harry McKinnon, Danny Martin, Craig Robertson, Harsil Joshi, Ethan Lam and Jeremy Thomas finished 9th. A great result fo the Finchley Foilists and Barnet finished 5th overall, well done all of you a great team effort.